Love Triangle

Love Triangle one piece hentai manga porn pics

Well this hot One Piece hentai porn manga Doujinshi starts with some nice full color footage of the sex adventures of Nami and Roronoa Zoro. However, Nami isn’t sure about Zoro’s feelings for her. It’s true that they have been lovers for the past 3 months, but Nami doesn’t believe that Zoro is truly in love with her.

While our straw hat beauty is thinking about her problems, Sanji steps in and offers her a delicious milk cocoa. They start talking and she soon begins to believe that maybe Sanji would be the right choice for her. He is kind, good looking and an excellent chef. She still doesn’t want to give up her relationship with the legendary swordsman, yet during their fuck orgies she doesn’t feel loved at all. That’s the moment when she decides to have an affair with the crews chef. At first Sanji is confused, but after some time he opens up and they spend a beautiful and a very erotic night together.

But was this what Nami was yearning for? That’s something you will find out at the end of this very interesting love triangle.

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