One Piece First Love Empress

One Piece First Love Empress hentai manga porn pics










The story starts when Monkey D. Luffy is heading towards Impel Down, in Boa Hancock’s room on the ship. The already famous pirate captain promises her that he will become the pirate king in only one year and then he will make Hancock his wife! Obviously the empresses is very happy about that:” The Pirate King and the Sea Empress ruling the grandline together… Wont that be great!” was her first thought. Yet, she fears her marriage will be impossible since she is a woman who carries the mark of the Tenryuubito.

Symbolically Luffy kisses his beautiful future wife to prove to her that he doesn’t matter about the mark, or her past. The snake empresses can’t believe her luck, that she was able to find such a understandable man who will protect and love her forever.

“Yet… What I’m really interested in are these!” Luffy takes Boa’s shirt off and makes her sexy tits now clearly visible. This is pretty much where our real hentai manga sex story starts. You will see excellent drawing skills by the author as well as a great storyline and thus I’m sure One Piece fans will be very satisfied with this adult Doujinshi.

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