One Piece ROB

One Piece ROB one piece hentai manga porn pics

The scenario revolves around Nico Robin, Sanji and Zoro. Our famous pirates are broke again, that’s why Robin needs to give some pussy to bring in some $ (well they don’t raid a lot…, actually I think they just fuck around the whole day while being on the ship).

While searching for their ships beauty, Zoro and Sanji find her in a room with some guy who is fucking her really hard. Both crew members can’t handle the situation without getting a huge boner, so they ask if they can take the “next turn”. Lucky for the boys, one guy can never satisfy such a slut like Robin, also she wanted to test something “new” anyway so it’s handy for her as well.

Little spoiler for the “new” thing I was mentioning, well her hands and legs aren’t the only thing Robin can multiply. It also works for her ass and her pussy. Sweet! She is pretty much a living sex toy onahole.

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