One Piece Shinsekai

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Nami announces her marriage with Absalom (the one who saw her naked in the bathroom, I’m sure you remember that scene), to her crew. Obviously Sanji is depressed that his so much loved Nami-swaan is going away with another man. Still Luffy wants a feast and a big celebration. Just after the wedding, Nami tells her husband that she wants a divorce.

“I’d be content with 1 billion berry consolation plus 1000 a month for living expenses. If you make use of your ability and become a thief that should be no problem, right? You were planning this from the beginning…! Yes. Y.. You demon!!”

However, what Nami did not calculate was that Absalom is not a henpecked husband and thus he wouldn’t allow such a rude and disrespectful behavior from his sexy young wife. That’s a lesson that she needed yet to learn.

Pretty much the breaking point for Nami was when Absalom told her that he loves her, just before he started penetrating her pussy. That was the moment her cunt juices started overflowing and all she could think of was sex with her husband.

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