ORANGE PIE Vol.2 one piece hentai manga porn pics

Nami at first isn’t interested in joining the Straw Hat pirate crew. However, Monkey D. Luffy shows her how good he can fuck her…  (wait that comes later…). What I meant was that the young captain showed her how much money she could make if she would become a loyal member of his crew. I’m not sure if there were any sex demands in the contract, but that’s another story haha.

“You dummy! What the heck’s he thinking!? I knew no good could come from being with a pirate… how could he do this all of a sudden!?”

Well did you really expect that a captain from a pirate crew (anime or not) would not fuck his first female member! You got to be kidding me, and here I thought Nami wasn’t the naive ‘country girl’. Well sexy burglar cat Nami learns very fast, thus she offers Monkey D. Luffy a titty fuck. Of course he takes the kind offer, and start pumping his dick between her beautiful big boobs. Yet, after a while even this doesn’t seem enough so he wants to fuck her hot and by now dripping wet pussy. The only question that is left now, is nakadashi (creampie) or not 🙂

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