ORANGE PIE one piece hentai manga porn pics

Nami is seriously ill. Her disease needs to be cured immediately. The whole Straw Hat pirate crew is worried about their ship navigator and at this point they don’t know exactly what to do. The only person who doesn’t seem to be stressed about the whole situation is Roronoa Zoro. Does he not care about his beautiful crew member comrade, or does Zoro perhaps know something the other pirates don’t know yet? Was Nami just pretending to be sick, but what would be the point of that? Well, indeed it would be a great opportunity to have a nice 1 on 1 with her lover on the boat.

“Do you really think you’re well enough!? Vivi’s gonna be mad if I fuck her patient! Oh relax~! She’ll never know… Zoro, this is what I really want… please.”

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