SILENT SEA Revenge!!

SILENT SEA Revenge!! one piece hentai manga porn pics










Vivi and Nami are now captives of the famous pirate bitch “Iron Club Alvida”. The scene starts when Nami is waking up all chained and also confused about her whereabouts. Alvida explains to her that she might be a strong willed girl, but she is excited to see how long the known female Burglar Cat from the Straw Hat crew can keep pretending to be tough.

Right after that Nami sees her very close friend Vivi sucking several dicks and fucked in both her vagina and her ass pussy. I won’t tell too much from here on, but you can expect some good old futanari fuck in this hentai manga.

Side Note: What I liked most about this doujinshi is that the adult mangaka artist really did put a lot of work into the areola part of these mega sexy One Piece girls. I mean their boobs are gorgeous on it’s own, but with this little extra it makes still a big difference.

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