Wheat No. 1

Wheat No. 1 - one piece hentai manga porn pics.

“Come on, hurry up and open your mouth. If you don’t, I’ll fill your “other” mouth (pussy) with cum. You should be feeling the effects of the drug, right about now. You don’t need to hold back. Let’s have some fun together. Wahahaha! What’s wrong? Let’s have some fun with our women!!! We did after all spend 2 hundred million beli on them.”

Alright, first off I have never seen Franky this badass. He is a true delinquent who doesn’t give a shit about anything, except his own wishes. It’s really hard to compare him to the current Franky from the real One Piece anime/manga since they seem like twin brothers with different personalities. Who knows, maybe they are.

The first part of the story revolves around Franky his chicks and Nami. You will see some nice footage of Nami fucked in the ass from Franky’s crew members. You remember them? Well I didn’t either ( it’s been a long time since the One Piece Water 7 Arc).

The second part is about Nico Robin and Sanji. If you believed that she was sexy before, then wait until you see Robin in her Succubus form. She is going to milk Sanji until he is completely dry and out of cum.

The last story is about Monkey D. Luffy and Nami. Well that was the time before Empress Boa Hancock was introduced, but boy would she be jealous. All 3 parts have their own rhythm, so I’m sure you won’t be bored and there is something in this One Piece hentai manga for all our viewers.

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